About Angel Heart

The beginning


Everyone has an angel heart


In God’s eyes, every multi-disabled child is a beautiful angel. The parents, who are daily caretakers, have “angel hearts”. As for us, if we are willing to embrace these children and care for them through our actions, then we too have angel hearts.


At the beginning


Parents should come forward first,

and then their children may have hope for their future!


The “Angel Heart Family” began with two musicians, Chao-Chen Lin and his wife Ya-Wen Hsiao. Both, honor graduates from the Music Department of the National Taiwan Normal University, had a promising future. However, their world was shattered and fallen apart when they gave birth to two severely mentally delayed children for they experienced many physical and psychological barriers to care for them. Therefore, they sought for medical help, alternative treatments, fortune-tellers, etc. Unexpectedly, their financial situation tumbled from wealthy to highly indebted. Just like many other parents of disabled child, they also went through many frustrations and hardships.


Although they were desperate and helpless, through the power of the Lord, their tears were wiped and they no longer had to suffer. They learned to look at their children with the Lord’s eyes and see them as lovely angels. Their children taught them to love unconditionally, to be accepting and tolerant. As a result, the whole family re-enkindled their enthusiasm for life. They understood to guide and to take care of their children with positive thinking, which led them to have newfound hope and a brighter perspective on life.

Based on many years of personal experience, Chao-Cheng Lin realized that “Parents should come forward first, and then their children may have hope for their future!” Hence, in 2002, to bring meaning to this special group of children, a number of families, with physically and mentally challenged children were invited to join the “Angel Heart Family” organization. This was done in hopes that this union can serve more parents with disabled children and give them all the support they need to care for their children.

After its formation, human resources were limited. Nevertheless, these parents still invested much of their time and effort; and some enthusiastic people volunteered to help. For that reason , the“ Angel Heart Family ” became stronger. After a few years, through the parents’ own growth, many families were able to breakthrough the walls between husbands and wives and parents and children. They were able to regain the joy and hope for life in spite of their difficulties. Also, through such a warm family organization , the physically and mentally handicapped  children  received  greater blessings.

After some years of effort, the “Angel Heart Family”  earned  the  trust  and  support  of  many families, and that of the community. Then, in 2006, it was formally established as the “Angel Heart Social Welfare Foundation”. This was done so in hopes to create more connections with social resources and with professionals in the field; hence , to expand the nation’s  services for families and parents with mentally and physically disabled children. At the same time, a support network was built; and new resources were provided to implement family care and counseling. Also, the well being of the disable was promoted and the public’s willingness to contribute in these services was assisted. Eventually, this led on to stimulate the “Angel Heart” in each and every one of us , to create a world of boundless love.